Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machine with Novel Flat Windings

Brief Summary

In the project, axial flux machines are studied due to their high torque density with the help of strong magnets. The windings of a machine significantly affect its performance. With this motivation, a novel winding topology called ‘flat winding’ is proposed in this project. Unlike conventional stranded wires, flat wires are manufactured from a thin conductor plate, usually copper or aluminum. Using planar cutting tools, such as water jet or laser cutter, flat conductors are cut, and by bending then, flat wires are manufactured. With the help of advanced welding techniques, many flat wires are connected to each other and they form the stator with novel flat windings. The patent application has been made for novel flat windings, and it is still in process. The proposed winding is employed on double-rotor, single-stator type axial flux permanent magnet motor. With the help of extensive research, first, the magnetic field of the motor and other motor parameters such as torque, voltage, etc. are derived analytically. The results were matching with finite element analysis results. As the last step, to verify the results and calculations, a prototype is manufactured, and experimental verification is conducted. As an extended work for this study, a linear actuator using novel flat windings is designed, and this study is presented in IEEE-LDIA 2019 conference at Neuchatel, Switzerland, with the title “Design of Double-Sided Linear Motor with Easy to Manufacture Hairpin Plate Winding.”. For more information please contact:

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