Rotary Voice Coil Actuator for Gimbal Systems

Brief Summary

This industry-funded project is focused on design, optimization, and implementation of the aircored rotary voice coil actuator that will be used in gimbal systems. The designed actuator is aimed to be used as an active vibration isolator in order to get stabilized monitoring. The project is funded by Aselsan, which is the top defense industry company in Turkey. The designed non-conventional actuator has rated torque of 3.15 Nm and includes only two magnets and an air-core coil. The challenge of the project is to preserve the torque amplitude at a predefined limit within its whole stoke range as well as to minimize mass. With support from literature and extensive analysis, a voice coil actuator is designed with only a 3.3% torque decrease within its stroke range. In order to achieve this, an optimization study using genetic algorithm is conducted and the results are verified by finite element analysis. Some parts of the research work yielded an IEEE conference publication titled “Design and Optimization of Reduced Torque Ripple Rotary Voice Coil Motor,” which is presented at ICEM 2018, Alexandroupoli, Greece.