Development of a 7.5 kW Permanent Magnet Integrated Modular Motor Drive System

Project Budget: 150,000 TL

Project Duration: 26 month

Project Start Date: 15.10.2017

Project End Date: 15.12.2019

Brief Summary:

In this project, it has been aimed to combine the motor and motor drive, which are separately packaged conventionally, and obtain an integrated modular motor drive (IMMD) system. This system is expected to introduce major advantages in aerospace, automotive and defense industries with size reduction, fault tolerance and modularity. Moreover, utilization of new generation Gallium Nitride (GAN) transistors, which have gained popularity in recent years, has been achieved to obtain efficiency and power density increase.

In the project, an 8 kW, 600 rpm permanent magnet motor suitable for direct drive applications, and four GaN based motor drive inverters each having 2 kW rated power are developed, manufactured and successfully tested. Furthermore, to control these four motor drive modules, a motor drive control board containing a dual core microcontroller is developed which is also integrated to the motor.

GaN based motor drive is tested at rated power (2 kW), 40 kHz switching frequency and 300 V DC bus voltage, and has reached up to 98.7 % efficiency levels. The power density of the motor drive module is 2.8 kW/lt. Moreover, the motor drive modules are operated in series and parallel connection configurations on the DC bus and the resulting current and voltage unbalance cases are investigated. Phase-shifting technique is used in series and parallel configurations and it has been shown that the capacitor voltage ripple and capacitors size can be reduced.

The developed motor is tested under several speed and loading conditions and 96 % efficiency level is obtained. Fault tolerance and modularity is achieved in the developed motor which has four stator winding groups, in compliance with the motor drive modules. With this prototype, a comprehensive know-how is attained for future studies on the topics of integrated motor drives, modularity, GaN based motor drives and permanent magnet motors.

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