Journal Club

Journal Club is a discussion section in which the up-to-date topics are covered. Each week a trending topic is chosen and related papers are uploaded to PowerLab folder in Mendeley. The only criteria to join this session is reading the chosen papers and keen on to discuss.


06/08/2018 Subject : GaN Power Devices and GaN-Based Converter Design Challenges (at 16:40 C-114)

30/07/2018 Subject : Fractional-slot winding configurations of synchronous machines (at 16:40 C-114)

23/07/2018 Subject : Thermal Design of Motor Drives (at 16:00 C-114)

16/07/2018 Subject : Integrated Electric Drive Concepts for Automotive Traction Applications (at 16:00 C-114)


14/03/2017 Subject : Wind Turbine Power Electronics (at 15:40 Ayaslı)

07/03/2017 Subject : Wind Turbine Generators (at 15:40 Ayaslı)

17/01/2017 Subject : Electric Vehicles

03/02/2017 Subject : Integrated Motor Drives

27/01/2017 Subject : Solar Energy